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Steve Cook

Independent Expert in Mobile Biometric Authentication Solutions
Advising Banks & eCommerce Enterprises with their Digital Identity Strategies
Please contact me: Steve.cook@bioecom.com
Biometrics are the new weapons of war against online fraud and supporting financial services with biometric authentication and their KYC (Know Your Customer) procedures.
There are many different areas where biometrics are being deployed.  For example in digital identity; an alternative to user names and passwords; protection against ID theft; account takeovers and multiple accounts. 
Mobile biometric authentication is helping to verify new and returning customers at the point of log-ins, digital on-boarding, and payment verification.  It's all about enhancing the mobile user experience and securing the customer journey.

I am a  biometrics consultant.  I advise banks, e-commerce enterprises, fintech start-ups and investor groups on how to implement their biometric strategies with choosing the right biometric partners and solutions.

Please contact me if your organisation needs help in the deployment of biometrics.

Banks face many challenges navigating through the diverse world of biometrics as well as meeting compliance with PSD2 and Strong Customer Authentication.  I am a subject matter expert in this area. 


It can be a complex field with so many different products, models and approaches from established vendors to new Fintech start-ups. 


It can be quite daunting just filtering through all the different products and selecting the right vendors that fit your requirements perfectly.  Many Biometric experts will say there is not one size that fits all.  This is true.  So I am here to help.

I have a very good understanding of the biometric markets and trends.  I have established high level contacts in financial services. 

I am currently providing business development services to FaceTec.


I am also a regular speaker and moderator at biometric, fintech, banking and payment conferences.


Oracle Financial Services Integration Summit, London - 17th January
Payments Forum, London - 12-13 February
MPE 2019, Berlin - 19-21 February
BCG Masterclass, London - 7th March
“KNOW” One World Identity, Las Vegas – 24-27 March
BSIMM Conference, London - 3rd April
Consult Hyperion, London - 13th May
SmartEx Payments, London - 21st May
Banking & Payments Federation, Dublin - 28th May
Amsterdam Fintech Forum - 6-7 June
Digital ID: Identity Week, London - 9-11 June
IFSEC Conference, London - 19th June
World Digital Banking Summit, Berlin - 12-13 September - Chair person/Speaker
Ecommerce Expo, London - 25-26 September
PayExpo, London - 8-9 October

XTech Europe, London - 14-15 October
FinTech Connect Live, London - 3-4 December

MPE 2020, Berlin - 18-20 February

All Future Speaking Engagements have been postponed due to the Coronavirus pandemic


Founded in 2011, Biometrics for eCommerce is now the largest biometrics community news group on LinkedIn, with over 23,000 professionals.

If you would like to be part of this exciting industry, then you are welcome to join the Biometrics for eCommerce group here:


Please feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn or follow me on Twitter. 


I frequently post blogs and interesting articles regarding the mobile biometrics landscape, the changing digital identity trends and how biometric technology is shaping all our lives.


Steve Cook

Biometrics: Are they becoming the nirvana of personal security?

22nd June 2018

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Steve Cook

Biometrics and the Window of Opportunity

28th January 2018

I am sure everyone is aware that the revised EU Payment Services Directive (known as PSD2) has now come into force.  Read more here:

Steve Cook

What are the advantages of biometric authentication in replacing passwords?

21st February 2017

Biometric technology has a number of different user cases in order to ease the customer journey.  Read more here:

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